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Ultimate at Rochester Lakeside Winterfest - Big Snow, Huge Success!

The WART (What ARe we Thinking!) tournament was a great success, with over $400 dollars raised for this year's charity, GAGV. Over the last 8 years, WART has raised over $3,000 for local charities. Not too shabby for some fun in the snow!  This year GRADA was invited to bring ultimate to the City of Rochester's Lakeside Winterfest at Ontario Beach Park. We handed out over 100 discs to passing families and put on quite a show on a 12-inch stage of fluffy, white stuff.
Special thanks to the following people: Michael Barton and Darrell for the heater, stoves and material support, Wegmans who donated the food, Greg Muench who donated one of his kneecaps (hope you're on the mend!), Val who despite a bad foot, showed up to heckle and hand out frisbees to kids and Beau Ryan for the amazing video production. Thanks also to ultimate's newest fan, Ken Tucker. Ken is a local amateur photographer who happened to be at Winterfest. He took action photos and was kind enough to share them with us on the GRADA facebook page.
Last but not least, thank you to my co-TD, Scott Franklin, who has taken care of the pre-event emails, registration and roster building for WART for the last 8 years.
Congratulations to Lacey Jones, this year's best hat winner, who played fierce while maintaining a turkey on her head. Few athletes can make such a claim.
Thanks to all who participated and supported this event. We represented Rochester ultimate well and there is much to be proud of. 
Way to go, GRADA!  - Tanya