Welcome to the website for GRADA, the Greater Rochester Area Disc Association. We run leagues year round and work hard to make sure that anyone and everyone gets a chance to play the best sport we know: ULTIMATE!

Why register for summer leagues? A rebuttal for every lame excuse. 

Lame excuse #1:  I don't know how to play.

This summer, we have three leagues that are ideal for newbies:

  • Rec if you just want to have fun,
  • Int B if you're looking for something a little less social and a little more learning-oriented/athletic, and 
  • Women's if, well, you are female.

Lame excuse #2:  But none of my friends play.

Not a problem, pretty much everyone arrives alone. It's not like those less-cool sports where you can only play if you already know a whole bunch of talented people. We all sign up into one giant pool, then the captains pick teams. It's sort of like in gym class, but without the awkwardness of having to watch everyone else get chosen before you.

If you're new to Ultimate, you can "baggage" with a friend for moral support -- you'll see that during signup.

But hold on one second ... are you sure your friends don't want to play Ultimate? Maybe you need new friends. And GRADA is a fantastic place to meet them.

Lame excuse #3:  I am so out-of-shape.

No one -- and I mean no one -- is too out-of-shape to play Rec. All skills and fitness levels are welcome. Plus, playing Ultimate is the funnest way to get in-shape ...  or at least less out-of-shape.

Lame excuse #4:  I don't know which league to sign up for.

Sign up for all of them! No, seriously, it can be a little overwhelming. Here's a cheat sheet:

League Fitness Level Experience Level The Bottom Line


Any All are welcome.  Rec is for those who just want to have fun.
Women's Any Any Women's is a learning league for female players of all skill levels. 
Int B


Above average

1+ seasons

0 seasons

Intermediate B is a learning league. If you are deciding between Rec and Int B:

  • Choose Rec if you just want to run around in sunshine and happiness
  • Choose Int B if you want to get better at Ultimate and move up to Int A
Int A Good Almost Expert Intermediate A is ideal for athletes who have a solid understanding of the game.
Advanced Very good Expert Advanced is for competitive athletes who want to engage in a high level of play.
Pickup Any Any Pickup takes place Friday nights. No need to sign up, just show up.

Decision anxiety? Write to  for advice.

Lame excuse #5:  I can't throw a Frisbee.

Can you throw it five feet? There are designated "handlers" (throwers) who do most of the fancy disc work. After a beginner catches a disc, she can "dump" (short, easy toss) back to a handler. And GRADA is all about learning ... with a little practice, she'll be "hucking" (long pass all the way down the field) before she knows it.